Automated Electrical Engineering, Design, and Construction Management

Aeries CARS™ is a database driven electrical design and construction system that delivers streamlined automation to every step of the process. Our software, which was originally developed and owned by GSN Technologies, LLC, is used to design and construct complex, industrial type facilities while enhancing productivity during the pre-construction engineering and design phase, streamlining design team collaboration, and reducing wasted time and materials on the job-site.


 At Aeries CARS we are focused on providing high-quality, automated solutions for electrical cable design; that's why we work in concert with all major 3D Plant Design Systems. Our suite of programs is targeted to the automation of electrical design and construction management. All of our applications operate together ensuring that when data is entered once, all affected documents are updated.


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Throughout the design/build process of an electrical system, multiple roles are involved; there's the owner, the engineering team, the electrical contractors, estimators, an electrical design team, and the construction hands that install everything designed at the facility itself.

The table below represents some of the more powerful automated processes of the Aeries CARS software suite, the pain-points eliminated for each of these roles by the automation of that process, and the deliverables that are created to assist these individuals in a seamless turn-around from one phase of the project to the next.


  Automates Eliminates Delivers
Owner Planning, Tracking, Change Management, Estimating, Material Procurement, Progress Reporting including Visual Review of Installation Progress Duplicate Data Entry and Surprises Intelligent BIM Database that represents an accurate as-built
Engineer One Line Production, Sizing of Cables, Breakers-starters and Trip Settings, Specifying Cables, Control Wiring Diagrams, Estimating, Race Way Design, Cable Routing, Cable and Raceway Bills of Material, Ampacity and Voltage Drop Calculations Duplicate Data Entry, Disparate Product Information, Cable and Raceway rework, Calculation Errors Consistent Data for One Lines, Equipment Schedules, Feeder Schedules, 3D Raceway Model that includes Cable Routing with all Information in the Database, Current Product Data Sheets
Electrical Contractor One Line and Load Data Entry*, Value Engineering Options, Procurement, Accurate Bills of Material   Current Product Data Sheets
Estimator Quick Bid Estimating with Autorouting, Value Engineering, Dynamic Bills of Material that show the Impact of Changes Flipping through Plans, Reworking Estimate as the Design Changes Quick and Accurate Bills of Material
Electrical Designer Tracking Engineer Changes, Sizing Raceways, Extracting Cable Lengths, Incorpation of Revit Tools Raceway Sizing Rework, Value Engineering Rework, Searching for data for raceway design 3D Raceway and Cable Routing Model with all information in the database
Construction Cable Pull Calculations, Voltage Drop Calculations, Raceway Sizing, Reel Configuration, Progress Tracking, Feeder Schedules, Inventory Reports Flipping Through Plans, Rework based on slow or inaccurate Communication Plan Work and Track Progress based on real and up to date Information straight from the 3D Model, QA Records
*When Electrical Engineers Use Aeries CARS