Aeries CARS Forum: Questions and Answers

Use this page to find answers to frequently asked questions and to search tips and tricks posted by those who are experienced with the software.  If you can't find an answer to one of your questions, whether it be related to electrical engineering, electrical design, or any of the automated tasks the software is capable of, post the question here and a fellow user or one of our team members, will answer as quickly as possible.

The Forum section is broken down and separated into five basic categories based on the software being used.  A basic outline of the forums and forum content has been included below.

  1. LoadMatic - Load Center Design

  2. CableMatic Plus - Automatic Cable Routing

  3. TrayMatic - Automated Raceway Design

  4. CableMatic Builder - Installation Status and Reporting

  5. Aeries CARS Suite - Project Setup


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